Small Business Loans, easy as 1, 2, 3.

Obtain loans up to $500k, Cash for Payroll, inventory, or General Expansion

Help your Company Grow
using one of these
Two Financial Products
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E/F equipment financing
can enhance liquidity, promote cash flow and improve company balance sheet.
Fund your business equipment needs in hours, not months.

Lowest Annual interest rate

Applications approved in less than 4 hours

Terms of up to 60 months

Manage your equipment finance needs, both planned and unplanned.

  • Add new or used equipment
  • Update your fleet with new or used vehicles
  • Access to Section 179 tax break
(403) 375-8819
W/C Working Capital
offers short-term business loans made accessible through fixed rate and fixed term facilities. They are useful to seasonal business, including construction and retail.

All industries will be considered.

Short and long term payback.

Borrow up to twenty-five percent of your sale.

Fund projects and purchases that drive your business forward.

  • Purchase and profit from a bulk inventory deal
  • Invest in your online presence
  • Open the new location you’ve had your eye on
H/Q How to Qualify
Three important things you need to know

We can help business owners that have been in business as low as 3 months, but typically in business for 2+ years.


Your business should earn a minimum of $120,000 in gross annual revenue. Typical gross revenues exceed $400,000.


The minimum allowed personal credit score of a business owner is 470 but the majority have scores of 680 and higher.


Minimum requirements to apply. Many of our financing options require a minimum of 1 year in business and $120,000 in gross annual revenue. For Equipment Financing does not have a minimum requirement. Fast Loans 99 servers over 700 industries, so it’s likely that we’re able to work with you!

O/A Online Application
Here is how it works from any device

Complete the application from your smartphone, tablet, or PC.

Upload the necessary files at your convenience, on any PC, from anywhere!

Once approved, we’ll reach out!

Super simple! Get started now!
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G/F Get Funded in hours
Just follow this steps
  1. Upload Additional files
  2. Sign your contract
  3. Receive your funds in less than 24 hrs.

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